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Children's Counselling

Working with children from the age of 6 is very different to working with adults. Their language skills are not as broad and their ability to understand abstract thinking and cause and effect is still in the early stages of understanding. They have 'big feelings' which they may struggle to regulate. As such our work will be predominantly therapeutic play and creative methods which often uses metaphorical images to represent experiences and emotions. This allows them to tell their story in a non threatening way.

We will then look at ways to help them understand their emotions and learn ways to regulate these and channel them more appropriately. Working within the boundaries of confidentiality we will also decide together if other important people such as parents, guardians or teachers may need to be involved in terms of what the child may need for ongoing support. Due to the rural nature of my workplace, we can work outdoors weather permitting. Sessions are £30 per hour and tend to be weekly at least to begin with.


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