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If your relationship is not working well, it can be hard to discuss this with your partner for fear of hurting their feelings. Yet in the long run, this lack of communication can lead to the relationship ending. I can act as a mediator to allow each of you to express how you feel without the situation escalating into conflict. We will then work together so you both learn ways to communicate better to enhance the relationship for the long term. 

Some relationships have been damaged by behaviours which break trust like having affairs. If both partners want the relationship to continue, we will look at how this situation happened and what can be done to re build the trust in the relationship.

For some couples one partner may have decided they do not want the relationship to go on and in this situation we will explore what this means for each person with a view to ending things well if this is the final decision.

Sometimes Couple work can then lead onto Individual therapy for one or both if there are specific issues which require more in depth attention if this will improve the relationship for the future.

So if you have any concerns about the overall health of your relationship it is always worth considering a giving it some time and attention...….a relationship MOT if you like!

Couple counselling is £60 per hour.

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