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My Approach

My Training was originally Humanistic or Person Centred which puts you at the heart of the process. Since I began however, I have added a variety of other methods which still keep you as the focus but as everyone is different, it makes sense to offer a broader range of ways to help everyone tell their story and be truly heard.

I offer a confidential space where you can explore whatever has been getting in the way of your life. I will not judge and I will not be burdened by your emotions or your experiences. I endeavour to help you to find your own solutions and to tap into your own inner strengths, resilience and resources which you may feel you don't have but which we can uncover through the process of counselling.

II do not give advice but I have handouts and worksheets which can often make sense of complex emotions and behaviours. 

We are all products of our upbringing, family cultures and experiences so your past may give a clue as to how you are dealing with life in the present. However, our work together will help you uncover new ways to cope with and deal with life and to create a more positive future for yourself and those around you.

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