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Counselling is an opportunity to see how your thoughts, emotions and behaviours interact and how they may be influenced by core beliefs and past experiences. We are all products of our upbringing, family cultures and experiences and we learn clever ways to cope with difficult situations. Yet these coping mechanisms may not serve us well in the present. We can work together on a short or long term basis to gain a better understanding and learn new skills and techniques for a more balanced sense of wellbeing.


I offer 'parental support' initially when asked to work with children. Whilst it might seem more relevant to work directly with the child, by working with the parents this allows for a new understanding of the child's behaviour but also allows for real changes to be made in the home where the impact will be felt  more immediately. If a direct approach is also required, I offer Therapeutic play and creativity to help the child express their 'big feelings' and we work together as a family for lasting changes.

Young People

I work with young people in an age appropriate way to help them as they move towards adulthood. Growing up nowadays has many challenges with school, fitting in, friendship groups, social media, gender and sexuality, a fear of growing up and the state of the planet being just some of these. We will work towards empowering the young person with new skills and understanding so this transition to adulthood is more manageable. 


You may be struggling with your relationship due to general life pressures, such as work, children, growing apart,finances etc or it may be that there has been a breach of trust involving an affair or unacceptable behaviour. We can work together towards your goals of either to repair the relationship or to end it well. This work will initially be with both of you but may lead to individual work as required.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

'Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care'

Teddy Roosevelt

I work face to face or online or by phone if this suits you better and the approach is tailored to you as an individual as we are all unique so what suits one person, may not suit another. We may use creative methods if this seems appropriate,  we may use worksheets or you may find talking works just fine  but it is always driven by you and entirely about you. 

Counselling can seem like a scary thing to undertake but it can be a time to stop and allow yourself some time to consider your emotional wellbeing. It can be transformative and prevent a lifetime of relationship difficulties and feeling that life just isn't the way you want it to be.

We will work together for as long as you want to as you will know if it is helping or not so there are no obligations. We will plan week by week so you are in total control. My aim is to empower you to lead a more contented life on your terms.


See 'My Approach' page for more details

About me

Hello my name is Claire Tabor and I am fully trained to work with children, young people, adults and couples.  I am also a qualified Clinical Supervisor.

I am a second time married mum of 3 and stepmother to 4 and I am passionate about our environment, wildlife and promoting emotional wellbeing.

I live and work from home in West Lydford which is just off the A37 and within easy reach of the A303 


See 'About Me' page for more details


See 'Therapy Services' page for more details

Finding the right supervisor can be as daunting as finding the right Counsellor. I use an Integrated approach drawing from several theories to provide a collaborative working alliance with therapists to offer a professional and ethical service to your clients.Fees are £50 per hour.I offer a free, no obligation initial meeting for us to decide if we are the right fit, so please contact me to discuss things further.

Getting Help

 'Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional'

Roger Crawford

Asking for help can be difficult at first and there are a lot of counsellors to choose from. So I offer a free, no obligation initial meeting which usually takes about half an hour. This gives us the chance to have a chat, you can ask any questions you may have and I can explain about the process of counselling. Then you can decide how to proceed from here. The headings below are just a few of the issues people struggle with but I can help with a wide range of problems to include Bereavement, Gender issues, Bullying, Substance misuse, Self harm, Trauma and Eating disorders as well as those below.




Self Esteem






Thank you Claire for helping me gain a better understanding of my emotions. This has made a big difference to all my relationships

Susan B 

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